Virgin PP sheets, boards, blanks and rolls

Polypropylene (PP) semi-finished virgin plastic products are physiologically non-hazardous. PP has greater strength, hardness and rigidity than PE, but lower notched impact strength. The maximum service air temperature is 110° C. This plastic material has extraordinary toughness and tensile strength and therefore offers a very wide range of applications.

PP can be filled with mineral fillers, e.g. talc or chalk. This significantly extends the spectrum of mechanical properties (rigidity, service temperature, etc.).

PP is resistant to almost all organic solvents and fats as well as most acids and alkalis.


Virgin PP sheets, boards, blanks and rolls

Our semi-finished recycled PP products have excellent material properties. Semi-finished recycled PP products are available in off-colours, anthracite and black.



Sheet and blanks:
Thicknesses: 1 – 12 mm
Width: min. 400 mm, max. 1550 mm
Length min. 400 mm, max. 5.000 mm
Rolled goods:
Thicknesses: min. 1,5 – max. 2,8 mm
Width: min. 700 mm, max. 1200 mm
Weight: min. 25 kg, max. 900 kg
(and 1200 mm diameter)

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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have schmuckgrafik

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